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27 jan 2014
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The big Brazil in a small cafeotheque

In countries, where coffee plantations does not exists, the coffee beans are qualified as a gourmet product, a gastronomic item, the nectar of the gods!  Thats why three new terms were created during the coffee evolution: the word coffeeologist, the expert that knows everything (or almost!) about coffee; coffeeology, the coffee science; and cafeotheque, the place where you can find, enjoy or buy different coffee beans. These words seems new only to Brazilians. In Europe, North America and elsewhere these concepts are reality since 2005.

Brazil is a huge country and each region has its aspects of climate, soil , variety of grain and plantations technology. So you can imagine that Brazil is the largest producer of coffee diversity in the world! Added to this there are infinity of roasting profiles, so that’s why we have here a large number of flavors, colors and smells for coffee. And how can you experience our diversity? How can you get a Bahia organic coffee, for example? Or coffee beans that grow under trees from Ceara? Or a new coffee from Rio de Janeiro? Or even a citrus coffee from Minas Forest? Or one with a natural chocolate flavor from Espirito Santo Mountain? Or even that so especial coffee that wins national and international coffee competitions?

Yeah … it is not easy. Even now finding specialty coffee at some markets is rare. And even though there are a few number of “concepts cafe”, it’s difficult to find a place that you can combine the kind of coffee you want with the extraction that you prefer. Unless you go to a CAFEOTECA/cafeotheque!

So a Cafeoteca shows that the diversity of the coffee world in a single place is possible! And Café!Café!Café! Company reunited small samples from different places of the country in the last ‘Coffee Season Festival’, in September 2013, at Religare Cafe, in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro. This was the first proposal of an authentic Cafeoteca of Brazil! There, all the small producers who are partners of our company and have roasted coffee, have shown their products to the public from September to November of the same year. We have had for example samples came from places like Minas Gerais, Bahia, Espirito Santo, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, a very delicious diversity.

Brazilians still have a lot to learn about our coffee, but this experiment showed us that our people really love this drink!

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