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06 fev 2013
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About coffee and soccer

Coffee is a very popular drink here in Brazil as much as soccer game. Everyone feels as great connoisseurs about the sport, speaks silly things anywhere and always knows the “best solution” to a specific game, or worst that they are really “judges” of any match anytime using a tough discourse as “shut up you and listen to me”.

Something similar happens with coffee. Everyone wants to tell you which is the best coffee and why it is, and thus, each one of them make their “speculations” indiscriminately, feeling themselves great connoisseurs and sometimes committing injustices or mistakes only because their prejudice and arrogance speaks louder than reason.

But at the soccer games, coaches and judges are the professionals who show us how and what the real game need to be. And who defines how or what should be the coffee?

Well first, so as in soccer, the same happens with coffee: there are rules. Very scientific ways to evaluate the coffee quality were created. And of course to define, quantified and reveal the real quality of one coffee, there is one professional: the coffeeologist. Among other activities, a coffeeologist evaluates each coffee produced in Brazil or abroad, using physical and sensory tests, setting them according to a rating scale (a Brazilian one is called COB, and the international one, the SCAE method), showing the different types of coffee available by proving them in a cupping test and saying what kind of beverge they provide. The coffeologists show us what (and where!) are the specialty coffees, those who deserve to be drink. (Thanks to them!)

Another expert in this area is the barista, professional that makes all the difference when we need an excellent extraction of a coffee drink. As a kind of coach, the barista knows (or should know) a lot about the whole coffee chain, from planting to roasting, and knows how to grind and get the best flavor, extracting in each cup the true nature of a good coffee! (Thanks to them either!)

Just as there are coffeeologists and baristas there are judges and coaches soccer. The wisdom and experience of this group does not compare to those who just enjoy the sport or drink coffee. That difference is what makes the first group the real PROFESSIONALS, and the second only coffee lovers or sport fans.

Just keep going with the analogy about the relationship between these two professionals and we have something like this: the Judge / coffeologist defines how the game / coffee would be and  the coach / barista always seeks the best game / coffee.

Having a judge / coffeeologist would not make sense if there were no coach / barista to make the game / coffee happens, but the coach / barista can’t do what they want with the game / coffee, without listening the judge / coffeeolgist. Do you got it? Coffee and soccer is all the same (or almost)!

There will be always good games and bad games (so we can always blame the judges and coaches!). But we always enjoy good games, right? They gives us pleasure … So it is with good coffees!

Well, the people will continue talking nonsense about soccer, although they are not coaches or judges, but lets the experts who knows how to evaluate and prepare our coffee give us the best drink ever?

futebol e café

Soccer and coffee… Are they really similar?

From the original article by Moni Abreu: “De cafés e futebol”


01 abr 2012
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Coffee: is it all the same thing?

The appreciation of coffee is an art very similar to the wine. It requires patience, involvement with the beverage, sense of taste and knowledge acquirement (or lots of your love to it). With the correct training and a long journey tasting lots of coffe (and more love) and someday you can talk properly about it.
But try to experience the good ones!
We are so used to drink coffees made with extremely boiled water with old coffee grounds or oily beans, roasted wrongly or with defective seeds, using bad water for the preparation. So that’s why the average brazilians really think: “Coffee is all the same.”

But surely, labeling coffee this way means that:
#1 – you never tasted a good coffee
#2 – your palate is not refined
#3 – probably you are numb

Ok, we even can say that low-quality coffees are everywhere at common markets at each neighborhood and they are just waiting people that inevitably will buy this “things”. Is the absence of a judgement sense the reason to the existence of bad products?

Every year, new harvests and different processes generate unique products and of course there are various possibilities of preparations. It’s impossible to drink the same beverage that we taste yesterday! Everyday we can drink an exclusive coffee in each cup, rich in lots of different aromatic details and with a variety of flavor gradations.

So why people buy and drink the same label, every day for weeks, months, YEARS! How could this be possible? Is this situation take place only here in Brazil?

So, before you buy your coffee at the nearest supermarket, don’t think about how much money you will spend in it (after all, coffee costs a few cents per prepared cup!), but search for a good one: a “Gourmet” or a “Superior” Coffee (as we named in Brazil) it’s a good start. After that you certainly will discover that specialty coffee DOES EXIST!

Consider what the real gustatory and olfactory pleasure could bring to your life and world perception.
Discover all the good properties that you will extract of this “new drink” and how they can renew your body and mind.
And especially think about that delicious time that you can always spent with yourself drinking your “rich” coffee.

Now answer this: don’t you think that you deserve more than a “little coffee” in your life?

O Chemex (pronuncia-se quemex)

From the original article by Moni Abreu: “Café é tudo igual?”